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      You have several printing options:

      • Office supply/copy & print stores
      • Professional print shop
      • Online print shop
      • Self-print using your own print device

      The suggestions below are specific to the United States; similar options should be available in other countries.

      Office Supply & Copy & Print Stores

      There are several nationwide chain stores you can use:

      • Staples
      • Office Depot/Office Max
      • FedEx Office
      • UPS Store

      These stores can print all our product sizes.


      • Download your files in the appropriate format and take to the store on a USB Flash Drive.
      • You can also upload your files to the store's website.
      • We recommend that you do not email your files as they can be compressed in transit and the printed end-result will be of lower quality.
      • Ask for a test print to check you are happy with the paper quality and print quality of a single item, before printing a large number of items. If you are not happy, try another store.
      • if you added trim marks, you can ask the store to trim the edges for you.

      Professional Print Shop

      Most larger towns will have a professional print shop. Find your nearest store by searching online.professional print shop will provide the highest quality of printed goods. 

      Online Print Shop

      This is only an option if you have sufficient time available to allow for delivery via the mail service.

      We suggest Prints of Love for online printing. Their preferred format for downloaded files is: JPEG (300dpi) with bleed added.

      Prints of Love can print all of our products at the designed sizes:

      • for programs choose 5.5" x 8.5" vertical fold
      • for signs choose between unmounted signs and mounted foam core signs at 18" x 24" and 24" x 36" sizes
      • for prayer cards choose 3" x 4" vertical flat

      Prints of Love offer 2 business day printing and 3-day shipping (US Only). You can confirm print & delivery times with them before placing an order.

      Self-Printing With Own Print Device

      This is an option if your print device is able to print a suitable weight of card - minimum 100lb cover stock - at a suitable level of quality.


      • Download your template as a PDF file. Add trim marks and bleed if an image or artwork goes to the edge of the paper.
      • Select the correct paper size in your print dialog settings.
      • Print at 100% scale/Actual size.
      • Make sure that ‘Scale to Fit is NOT selected.
      • Set page format to 'Centered'.
      • Print the front page then place the printed page back in the printer to print the back page. Trial and error may be required to achieve the correct orientation.
      • Make sure the card is tightly held in the printer tray, so that it can't move as it passes through the printer, as this could result in misalignment of the artwork.
      • If your printer has a duplex printing option, please refer to the manufacturers instructions for double-sided printing.
      • If you have selected the Show Trim Marks option, use a paper trimmer or ruler & craft knife to trim the edges.
      • If you are not happy with the quality of your own print device, we recommend you use an office supply/copy & print store or a professional print shop.

      Photo Labs

      Photo labs such as Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target and Costco are not generally able to print US Letter size programs or print poster size signs, although you may wish to check local availability.

      Further information and advice on each of these print options is offered by Templett here.  

      See here for information on print material choice.