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      We've included below some quick-start visual guides to help you edit your template and get it looking the way you want. You'll find Templett to be quite intuitive to use.

      The design space on Templett - where you edit, save and download your template - looks like this.

      Use the Editing Properties Bar and the dark gray pane on the left to customize your template.

      You'll find your purchased templates by clicking the 'Templates' icon in the dark gray pane.

      How to Change The Font

      Click on the font box and scroll through the available fonts and select the font you wish to use. The font in the text box you are currently editing will change to the newly selected font.

      How to Add Glyphs

      You can insert glyphsspecial characters or swashes or international language characters - where this is supported by the font you are using. Click the glyphs box to access the glyphs panel. If you hover over a glyph it will enlarge to let you see it more clearly.

      How to Change the Font Size

      Type a number in the type size box, or choose one of the preset sizes using the arrow buttons.

      How to Change the Font Color

      Choose a color from the palette, or click on Show advanced, to select your own color.

      How to Change the Line Height and Character Spacing

      The Line Height is the vertical distance between lines. The Character Spacing is the horizontal distance between letters. Move the slider to increase or decrease the spacing.

      How to Add a Text Box

      Click on the T - Text icon in the dark gray pane on the left. You can also copy and paste text boxes (or use clone in the Editing Properties Bar). This will keep any style formatting.

      To resize a text box, click and drag any corner handle. You can also resize an image or artwork in exactly the same way.

      How to Rotate Text or Images

      Click and drag the rotation handle at the top of the text box in the direction you want to go. You can rotate images in exactly the same way. 

      How to Add a Background Color

      Click on the Background icon in the dark gray pane on the left. Choose a color from the palette that appears, or click on Show advanced, to select your own color.

      How to Add a Photo or Image

      Find out how to add a photo or image to your template here.

      How to Download Your Template

      Find out how to download your template here.