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      Before your download your template, we recommend that you thoroughly proof-read your text to correct any spelling and grammar errors.

      Click the Download button in Templett.

      Download Options

      You’ll be given three options to download your template:
      • PDF
      • JPEG
      • PNG (for social media sharing only - you do not need this option)

      Generally a PDF file will be appropriate for most printing situations, with the exception of some online print shops and some professional print shops, who will prefer a JPEG.

        Download as a PDF File

        Click on PDF then you have the option to:

        • Show Bleed
        • Show Trim Marks
        • Save Paper (for printing multiple templates on a single page)

        You'll only need to select the Show Trim Marks and Show bleed options if you have an image or artwork which goes to the edge of the paper. Otherwise do not select these.

        Click Create PDF.

        Open your downloaded PDF on your computer and check it meets your expectations.

        Explanation of terms:
        Trim marks are guides added close to the edge of the PDF to allow the edges to be trimmed off to achieve a neat finish, particularly if there is an image or photo or artwork that goes to the edge of the page (bleed). 
        Bleed is printing that goes beyond the edge of where the sheet will be trimmed. The bleed is the area to be trimmed off, and ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the finished trimmed document. If you select 'Show Trim Marks' then bleed is automatically applied by Templett.

        PDF files are automatically downloaded at 300dpi, which is professional print quality. 

        Download as a PDF File (Using the Save Paper Function)

        Select the 'Save Paper' function and Templett will automatically try to fit as many templates onto a single US Letter size page or UK/AUS A4 size page, in order to prevent paper being unnecessarily wasted.

        Toggle 'Save Paper' to 'On' to activate this function, then click 'Create PDF'. It is also helpful to select 'Show Trim Marks' to make it easier to see where to trim.

        Note that this function only works with PDF files. It also only works where a template is small enough to be able to be printed multiple times on one page, for example prayer cards.

        The 'Save paper' function is useful when printing Prayer Cards, as 4 can be printed on one page - see the example below.

        Download as a JPEG File

        Click on JPEG.

        You'll only need to select the Show bleed option if you have an image or artwork which goes to the edge of the paper. Otherwise do not select this.

        Select the 300dpi high quality option as this is the standard for professional printing.

        Click Create JPEG. A zip file will download, with separate JPEG files for each page. Double-click the zip file to open it.

        Open the JPEG files on your computer and check they meet your expectations.

        It is not possible to add trim marks to a JPEG as this format is designed for professional applications; simply download a PDF if you require trim marks.

        Further information on downloading files is provided by Templett here.

          Find out where you can print your files here.