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      How does it work?

      The process has been designed to make things a little easier at a time when you need it most.

      Select a template and purchase. You will then receive an automatic email from Templett containing an access link to your template.  Click the link to access your template and begin personalizing your template in your web browser, all within a few minutes of purchase. You can save your template and continue editing later. Once you have finished editing your template, save and download. Print your downloaded files on your own printer, at an office supply store or copy & print store, or use an online print shop.

      What is Templett?

      Templett is an easy-to-use online editor that allows you to personalize your template directly in your web browser. No software or font installation is required. There is no additional cost to use Templett.

      Use a desktop or laptop computer, either Mac or PC. Note that phones and mobile devices such as iPads are not supported.

      Are all the fonts provided?

      Yes, the fonts shown in the product photo will automatically appear when you open your template. There is no need to install any fonts. You can also change the default font to any of the other numerous fonts available in the Templett editor. Note that it is not possible to upload your own fonts to Templett.

      Are languages other than English supported?

      All products have been created for English language use. Some fonts support international language characters. Grace Paperie cannot guarantee that other language characters will be supported in the available fonts. We recommend you try the free demo versions and try the available fonts to satisfy yourself regarding other language characters.

      Can I use my phone or iPad to edit my template?

      You'll need to use a desktop or laptop computer, either Mac or PC. Phones and mobile devices such as iPads are not supported. You will find that editing your template using a larger screen is preferable.

      How do I contact you for assistance or to ask a question?

      We take pride in delivering the best customer service possible. You can use our contact form to contact us. We always aim to reply the same day, or first thing the next morning at the latest. 

      You can also seek answers to your queries in these FAQ, the How it Works menu, or from the articles in the Templett Help Center.

      What are your store hours?

      We are open 8am to 4pm Monday-Friday (US Eastern Time). We are closed on weekends and holidays.


      Can I try a template before purchase?

      Yes, every product has its own demo. A link to the demo is provided in each product description. 

      Is the demo version the same as the purchased version?

      Yes, except you cannot save or download the template in the demo version.


      How do I access my template?

      Click on the access link emailed to you by Templett, follow the prompts and begin editing. The email is sent automatically to the email address you provided at checkout.

      I haven’t received my email from Templett yet, what do I do?

      Allow up to fifteen minutes to receive your automatic email from Templett. Also check the ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ folder in your email inbox. You can also contact us for assistance.

      I have used an email address for an account I can’t access, what do I do?

      Please go here for an alternative access method and follow the instructions.

      How long do I have access to Templett?

      You have access to your purchased templates on Templett for one month from the date of purchase. The files you download from Templett are yours to keep for as long as you wish; they do not expire.

      Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

      Please see our Refund Policy.


      How do I personalize my template?

      It is very simple and intuitive to get your template looking just the way you want. You can view our simple instructions for editing your template, adding photos and images, how to download your template and where to print. These are also available in the How it Works menu.

      What can be edited?

      You can edit the following:

      • Text can be edited for wording, font (the type style), font color, font size and placement.
      • Artwork can be edited for size and placement. Some artwork can be edited for color - the product description will specify when this is possible.
      • Background color can be changed on most templates.
      • Photos and Images can be added.
      • Additional pages can be added in some templates (programs).

      Note that it is not possible to change the:

      • Size of the templates.
      • Orientation of the templates.

      Further details are provided here.

      We recommend you try a demo of the products you are considering for purchase.

      Use a desktop or laptop computer, either Mac or PC. Note that phones and mobile devices such as iPads are not supported.

      Can I save my template and access it later to continue editing?

      Yes. You can save you template and exit Templett and log back in to continue editing. You don't have to access, edit and download in one session. You have access to Templett for one month from the date of purchase of your Grace Paperie template.

      Can Grace Paperie personalize my templates for me?

      This is not a service we offer. However, it is really easy to personalize the templates yourself.

      Do you accept custom orders?

      Currently we are not able to offer any customizations to existing designs listed in the store, or accept requests for new designs.

      It is really easy to self-customize your template yourself by changing the fonts and colors, and by adding your own photos, clipart and images. You can also add extra pages to programs.


      How do I download my templates?

      Download your template by clicking the Download button on Templett. You will be given the option to download as a PDF file or as a JPEG file. Further details are provided here.

      I can't find my downloaded files on my computer?

      On a Mac, look in the download folder in the dock of your Mac. Alternatively, from the Finder Menu bar, click Go and then Downloads to open the downloads folder. Or search your computer for the word templett.

      On a PC, look in the downloads folder which is usually located the hard drive of your computer for example, C:\users\your name\downloads. Or search your computer for the word templett.


      Where can I print my template?

      There are several options you can consider:

      • Your own Print Device, for example your home or office printer
      • Office Supply Store, such as Staples, Office Depot/Office Max
      • Copy & Print Store, such as FedEx Office, UPS Store
      • Online Print Shop, such as Prints of Love
      • Professional Print Shop

      Further details are provided here.

      What type of card should I choose?

      Information on card choice for programs and material for signs is provided here.

      Can Grace Paperie print my templates for me?

      This is not a service we offer. However, it is really easy to print yourself using your own print device, or use a copy & print store, office supply store or online print shop. See some options on where to print.


      What are the License Terms for my Templett template?

      The purchase and use of a Templett template is licensed and restricted to a ONE TIME use only. Reuse of the template to create an additional item is not permitted. Repurchase of an additional template is required if you wish to create another template. You can edit, save and download your template as often as you wish for editing and proofing purposes. Grace Paperie reserves the right to cancel access to a template if a customer does not comply with these terms of use.

      Access to Templett will be available for one month from the date of purchase of a product. After one month, the template is automatically removed from your account by Templett. The files you download from Templett are yours to keep for as long as you wish; they do not expire.

      The viewing, downloading or printing of any content, graphics or templates from Grace Paperie is solely for your own personal use and not for republication, redistribution, resale or any other use. No part of any content, description or template may be copied, reproduced, redistributed, republished or resold in any form.

      View our Terms of Service for more information.